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Oklahoma Employment Security Commission

Precedent Manual - 2007 Edition



Forward-Statement of Purpose of Act

Section I

Eligibility/Registration, Benefit Year and Reporting

I-1-3   Definition of Eligibility/Registration/Burden of Proof
I-10   Cancellation of Registration
I-20   Unemployed

Abandoned Self-Employment


Business Open But No Profits


On-Call Workers


Operation of Own Business Part-time


Seasonal Contracts


Working for Commission Only


Concurrent Full and Part-Time Employment


Temporary Lockout


Wages and Earnings

I-30   Claim

Case Application

I-40   Backdating of Registration

Case Application

I-50    Failure to File Claims In Accordance With Agency Policy

Section II


II-1-4   Definition of Eligibility/Wages/Burden of Proof
II-10   Reasonable Assurance

Case Law and Commission Cases

Section III

Able and Available to Accept Employment/Seeking
and Accepting Employment

III-1-2   Definition of Able and Available / Burden of Proof
III-10    Able to Accept Employment



Medical/Health Restrictions


Work-related Injury

III-20   Available To Accept Employment

Approved Training

III-30   Availability





Restrictions, Miscellaneous 



III-40   Able and Available

Temporary Job Does Not Prohibit Availability





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